Background Checks

Background Checks

Texas Star Investigations, a licensed Private Investigation Company servicing the greater Waco, McLennan County area, will run background checks and detail document research on individuals or businesses.

Background checks provide detailed information on individuals or corporations. They help to answer key questions. Frequently things just don't add up in everyday relationships with someone close to you.

Associating with the wrong person can harm you in many ways-financially, physically, mentally or emotionally.  Do not become a victim, know the truth now, does that person have a criminal record, con artist, still married, or sex offender.  Let us run a detailed background investigation check that will reveal the facts on the individual. Protect you and your family.

With people meeting on the Internet through dating sites or chat rooms, it is important to be careful. Know who you are meeting. If you want to run a background check, some people hide things, might not give their real name, so if you can (without them not knowing) get their vehicle license plate number, this will help getting a true identification on this person.

Nanny, Babysitter, Household Services

Whether you are planning to hire a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, house sitter or lawn care, the most important thing you need to do is run a complete background investigation check on this person.  After all, this person will be in your home, know your daily routine, work schedule, your assets, belongings and your family. Let Texas Star Investigations verified their identifications and do a complete background investigations check.
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Background investigation checks on possible tenants prior renting property will provide criminal history, sex offender, evictions and bankruptcy filing as well as verifying the person identification and date of birth.  A background check could possible dollars loss through property damages and theft of property.
I have worked several "after the fact" , where the tenants have left and information given to the Landlord was all false or had long history of evictions or criminal record, leaving the Landlord with the expense of repairs to damages and theft of property.
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Pre-Employment/Criminal History Background Check

As an employer, is it very important run a criminal history background check prior to hiring this person. Remember this person has access to your funds and your inventory. Texas Star Investigations can run a background check on criminal history as well as bankruptcy filing.  If a retailer, Texas Star Investigations as over 20 years experience in the Loss Prevention Industry.

Background checks provide answers in many areas including criminal reports, sex offender checks, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value & property ownership, previous address histories, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage records, and more.

Background Check Websites

There are websites that offer ground checks, however most of them come with "add ons" to the search adding more to the price of the search up to over $100.00.   As a Licensed Private Investigator, Texas Star Investigations, like most Licensed Private Investigators, have access to several different databases that is unavailable to the general public and the cost usually 50% less than some of these websites.