Divorce Cheating Spouse

Call Texas Star Investigations, Waco Texas Licensed Private Investigations Company if you suspect infidelity and your spouse is possibly having an extramarital affair. Consultations are free and completely 100% confidential.

Possible signs of an affair:

  • Your spouse has become distant.
  • Working late on a regular basis.
  • Uses "Job Demands" as excuses.
  • Numerous phone calls, text messages or emails
  • Consistently deleting cell phone call history or text messages.
  • Being secretive
  • Increase time on the Internet.

Most divorce judges, adultery simply does not play a very prominent role.
However proof of adultery supported by strong evidence gathered as documentations, photos and video can often provide strong leverage for a good settlement. Because the spouse who has cheated may not want the affair to be publicly exposed and protect all parties involved from being exposed.

When you hire Texas Star Investigations to conduct an investigation it is very important not to alert your spouse an investigation is being conducted.
DO NOT CHANGE YOUR HABITS AND DO NOT ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS, this may only alert your spouse that an investigation is being conduct.

In conducting surveillance, Texas Star Investigations utilizes covert video cameras with time/date stamp when possible to document their activities and good detective work to provide indisputable evidence to establish a strong case.

What is the cost for conducting this type of investigation?

First, we would meet to discuss the case, as each case is different as to how to handle the investigation and method of surveillance. Your assistance is very important since you know your spouse's schedule, behaviors and habit, as to create a plan for the surveillance, which help controls the expense on the case and over exposure.  These investigations are conducted on an hourly rate, plus mileage, pertaining to location and out of pocket expense. We will draw up a service agreement (contract) and a retainer fee is required prior to start of any investigation.

What if I'm wrong on my suspicions?

If in the course of our investigation we find no evidence to support your spouse is having an extramarital affair, this should give you the peace of mind of your relationship. Remember all our investigations are 100% confidential.