Fraudulent Claim Cases

Texas Star Investigations, a licensed Private Investigation Company servicing the greater Waco, McLennan County area will conduct investigations on fraudlent Insurance Claims and Worker's Comp claims

Insurance Claims and Worker's Comp Claim are estimated in the billions of dollars a year.
In addition to being harmful for insurance companies, which may lose money paying out on fraudulent claims, insurance fraud also hurts everyone who buys insurance, because premiums must be higher to compensate for fraud.

Some fraudulent Worker's Comp claims, are injuries occurring outside the workplace, but "staged" to appeared to have happen on the job.

When an investigation is launched in a possible fraudulent claim, Texas Star Investigation will research the claimant's background, interview witnesses, take statements and conduct surveillance.

If in the course of the investigation that we have established facts and evidence to support fraudulent activity had occurred, the insurance company will not pay out the claim, and the claimant could be subject to face criminal charges being filed as well as civil litigation. 
In Worker's Comp case, the claimant could be terminated and still face criminal and civil charges.