Loss Prevention / ORC

In 2012, dishonest employess apprehended were up 5.5 % from 2011.  Retailers recovered over $50 million dollars from these employess, which is also up from 2011.  Data shows that 1 out of 40 employees stole from their retailer empoyer in 2012, and on average, dishonest employees steal approximately 5.5 times the amount of retail goods than shoplifters.


Remember a dishonest employee is in the store or warehouse for 20, 30, 40 hours a week and knows the company's internal controls. Many times these employees will bide their time waiting for a breakdown in controls to take advantage of a situation. On the other hand, a shoplifter may be in the store for a matter of minutes.


Why the increase on internal theft, one factor might be more part-time employees and less store supervision




There are many ways employees can steal from your business:

  • Taking merchandise or staging merchandise
  •  Working with other employees to steal merchandise.
  •  Working with non-employees to pass merchandise.
  •  Voiding transactions to steal cash
  •  Creating fraudulent refunds and taking the money.


Texas Star Investigations, a licensed Private Investigation Company servicing the greater Waco, McLennan County area has over 20 years experience and knowledge conducting internal investigations with major retailers.

Texas Star Investigations will work with our clients by use of covert (hidden) cameras, surveillance, document research and background checks.  Texas Star Investigations is Wicklander-Zulawski certified to conduct interviews and take statements. Texas Star Investigations will secure evidence, such as documents, video surveillance and report and work with local law enforcement agencies to press criminal charges.




Good customer service can prevent the amateur or thrill seeker shoplifters, however, the Professional Shoplifters come in, sometime in groups, know the area from their surveillance, even seek out new employees. These shoplifters will even “ stage “ merchandise for their accomplice to come in and steal.  These shoplifters will:

  • Steal merchandise to pawn or sell online or in Flea Markets
  •  Return stolen merchandise back to the store to receive Store Credits. They will sell these Store Credits online or to others for cash, less than the actual value of the Store Credit.
  •  Use several Store Credits from fraudulent refunds of stolen merchandise for a large purchase.


Over the years, there has been an increase in Organized Retail Crime (ORC) involving individuals that drive the interstate stealing from retail stores.

Texas Star Investigations has worked with local law enforcement agencies as well as other State agencies on these type of cases. Texas Penal Code Sec. 31.16, Organized Retail Theft.

Texas Star Investigations has met with the Texas/ Louisiana Regional Organize Crime Intel Center (ROCIC) to share intel on ORC.




Vendor theft:

  • Goods and merchandise not received properly or checked in
  •  Vendors leaving with other merchandise, not being checked properly.
  •  Vendors not giving proper credit on damaged merchandise and discarding or taking this merchandise.




Texas Star Investigations can conduct Secret or Mystery ShopperSurveys; these surveys can be specified to your needs. It is a good way to see how your business is being conducted when you are not there.


Texas Star Investigations can do background checks on new applicants as well as current employees.